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Shaelah Perales

ROSES FROM ABOVE | Print Options

ROSES FROM ABOVE | Print Options

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A reflection of Heaven's love reaching to Earth.

This love is sweetly offered as a bouquet to the bride.

Beautiful and fragrant at first sight,

Heaven's love unfurls slowly like a rose,

Petal by petal a deeper sweetness is sown.

Slowly but surely belonging is born.

This love is rich— laden with gemstones.

This love is vibrant— full of color.

- writing by Shaelah Perales


Wrapped canvas with mirrored sides is ready to hang as is.

Paper prints on fine art paper will never fade.

Hand-embellished wrapped canvas comes to life with dry brush strokes and impasto paint application on the flowers. Each is one-of-a kind while staying true to the original.

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